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Keep your kids and home safe with our best anti-tip straps!

You can be surprised but your home can be a very dangerous place. Every day in U.S. lots of kids enter the Emergency because of a tiped over TV or furniture.

Make a step to prevent it!

We do care about your and your kids safety that’s why we insist on using only high quality materials while making our anti-tip straps. Thus we’ve chosen the best materials to make the safest anti-tip furniture straps available. We tested them so many times and we can confirm that your kids and are now completely safe and you won’t have your furniture tiped over!

If for any reason you don’t like your new anti-tip TV straps, just return them and we will refund or replace them to keep you happy.

Our Bonus – 1 DOOR STOPPER which will make a PERFECT GIFT SET for a new parent ! Simply slide stopper onto the door you want to protect little fingers from and forget about it. It’s easy to take it off and put it on. Our Door Stopper is flexible and durable.

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How To Use?

*The table corner Guards


1.Clean the furniture corner and allow it to dry completely.

2. Peel off the backing paper from the adhesive pad, standing at a corner of the paper.

3. Carefully press the corner cushion into place, making sure there is contact with the furniture on all three surfaces (the top and two sides) with no gaps between the adhesive pad and the surface.

4. Press and hold firmly for about 20 seconds. The adhesive will reach full strength in about 24 hours.

*easy to remove:

1. Place a warm cloth over the corner and allow adhesive to soften.

2. Gently peel back the edges of the Caring corner.

3. Roll away any remaining adhesive, and clean the surface.

*The locks

Step 1:Clean the furniture and allow it to dry completely.

Step 2 :Peel off the 3M tape on the back of locks and press the both ends of the lock to the place you want to fixed.

Step3:Press and hold firmly for about 20 seconds.WAIT 24 HOURS before pull it so that the lock stick tighter.the installation finished!

*Ac Plug Socket Covers

Simply insert the Outlet Plugs into any open socket and push firmly into place.

To remove, slide your fingernail or a flat, non-metallic tool under the cap edge and pull.

*Door stoppers

Safety finger pinch cushion can be conveniently removed by simply popping off the curve shaped stopper. It can also go anywhere on the side or top section of the door. It comes handy when letting the breeze come in for better ventilation during playtime or simply when it is hot during the day.


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According to experts, children between the ages of 1 and 4 are more likely to be killed by fire, burns, drowning, choking, falls, and poisoning than by a stranger’s violence.

This is why it is important to childproof our homes, especially once our little ones start to crawl, and become more curious and adventurous.

With this in mind, Ashtonbee brings you our sliding door lock which gives you all these amazing features and benefits:
★ Made with the highest quality BPA-Free ABS plastic which guarantees durability, versatility, and utility
★ Leaves no marks, dents, or stains upon removal
★ Convenient easy install design eliminates need for fancy tools and gizmos for installation and operation
★ Compatible with doors, windows, storage spaces, and other entry points to provide added security
★ Takes up minimal space and is carefully engineered to seamlessly blend into your home
★ Comes with a life-long guarantee which means you won’t have to worry about breaking and having to buy more
★ The budget pack gives you more for less, which simply means more savings.

We here at Ashtonbee want to help you provide the safest, most conducive space, and nurturing home environment for your baby, so you can let them explore more freely without all the stress and worry.

We are also committed to providing you the best customer experience, and deeply value your satisfaction. Once you purchase, and you are not satisfied with this product, let us know, and we will offer you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Type: 6 Pack of TV/Furniture Straps Color: Black & White

Contents: 4 x White Straps, 2 x Black Straps, 2 Complete Sets of TV Bolts, 6 Complete Packs of Furniture Screws (for Wall and Furniture), Complimentary Door Stopper, Instruction Sheet

Anti-Tip Furniture/Flat Screen TV Safety Straps that protect children from Furniture and TV tip-overs.


#1: The dresser is so heavy, it will not tip over.
When a child opens the drawers and climbs on them, even a heavy dresser or other type of furniture can fall ‘top heavy’ on a child. When the drawers are opened, the center of gravity changes and the furniture could tip over easily if it is not secured.

#2: We do not need to anchor the dresser in our bedroom because our children do not play in our room.
Tip-over injuries can happen very quickly. Children may wander into a room when you do not expect it. Anchor the furniture in master bedrooms and other rooms, not just the nursery or play room.

#3: Older children know not to climb.
Children in general, have no fear. They do not think of a dresser or bookcase as being potentially harmful. Only as something to climb on for fun or adventure. Do not take the risk!

We offer a LIFETIME 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for ultimate peace of mind.


See the promotions section above for savings up to 15% off.

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The 76″ super wide configurable safety gate is perfect to fit a variety of openings in your home. This gate covers openings up to 76″ wide and stands 31″ tall. The configurable gate panels adjust to custom fit angled or uneven openings. When your hands are full the convenient one-hand walk through design makes your job a little easier. The latch style handle also comes equipped with a safety-locking feature. The fold and go design allow for easy storage. The all steel construction makes this gate sturdy and durable. For added security this gate is hardware mounted. This gate is PVC free and has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). It also meets the safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Great for pet’s too.