Street Cat Baby Safety Cabinet Locks Corner Guards Children Safety Door Stoppers Childproofing Kit, 29 Pack

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This is a baby safety set products,it include many different kinds of baby safety products.Durable and safe to protect our baby not to hurt. such as corner protector,door stopper,Adjustable Safety Lock,durable hook,stove knob cover. Specifications

1.combined baby safety products
2.keep baby safe
3.easy and useful use
4Applicable for locking various cupboards in home. 5.Hypoallergenic. 6.Prevent children from opening and causing damage. 7.Lightweight and durable for long-lasting use throughout your child’s development. 8.Vinyl cover is waterproof and wipes clean easily. 9.High quality material. Description:

Item Name: 29 Pcs/Lot Baby Safety Product Set For Children Kids Protection
Item No.: SH1.114
Size: mix
Color: White,Red,Sky Blue,Pink
Package: Plastic Box
Quatity 29pcs
Package Included:

12pcs Corner Protector
4pcs Adjustable Safety Lock (blue/green colors is sent randomly)
2pcs Safety Door Stopper
4pcs pink durable hook
4pcs sky blue hook
2Pcs Stove Knob Cover
1pcs Package box
Total 29pcs