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Cover Up

When you have kids in the house, it’s tough to stop them from exploring every nook and
cranny they can get into. So, it’s practical for parents to be several notches ahead of their
wandering tots by child-proofing potential causes of injuries such as electrical outlets. With
these safety outlet covers, your little ones are safe from hazards associated with electrical
shocks. Simply cover the exposed outlets with these plates, and there’s no way for your
curious explorers to take these out. It’s snug and tight, and you’re sure that only you can
remove these covers when necessary.

Smart Design

The best thing about these country outlet covers is the design these come with. There is an
energy-saving thermoseal gasket that closes automatically once you unplug the power cord.
Plus, it’s easy to set these up without any intricate instructions to follow. It also works with
different types of standard outlets whether it is the square or round-shaped ones. As long as
you have electrical outlets in the bedroom, living, room, kitchen, or elsewhere, just seal them
with these covers. It should take your worries off potential electrical dangers to your precious child!

Here are some of the other features you’ll love about these electric outlet covers:

– Comes with a versatile design and color to match your home’s interiors.

– Made of high quality plastic that is sturdy and durable.

– Offers total cover up for your electrical outlets.

– Great for child-proofing any part of your home.

– Seals tight to prevent kids from removing these once firmly set up.

Have the peace of mind that your kids are completely safe inside your home by using these
child safety outlet covers. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

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Quality, Durability, Warranties and Guarantees are few very important factors for the good shopping experience. We at our Store exactly offers all of those to make your Shopping experience much better. We consider all of these factors much seriously, when it is about the kids safety, because we always test our products before launching it in to the market and we make sure that we provide a BEST QUALITY SAFETY products to our customers. We at our store offers Money Back Guarantee and Life Time Warranty, In-case if you are not satisfied with the product. That means, you can shop with a peace of mind from our Store.

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This is a baby safety set products,it include many different kinds of baby safety products.Durable and safe to protect our baby not to hurt. such as corner protector,door stopper,Adjustable Safety Lock,durable hook,stove knob cover. Specifications

1.combined baby safety products
2.keep baby safe
3.easy and useful use
4Applicable for locking various cupboards in home. 5.Hypoallergenic. 6.Prevent children from opening and causing damage. 7.Lightweight and durable for long-lasting use throughout your child’s development. 8.Vinyl cover is waterproof and wipes clean easily. 9.High quality material. Description:

Item Name: 29 Pcs/Lot Baby Safety Product Set For Children Kids Protection
Item No.: SH1.114
Size: mix
Color: White,Red,Sky Blue,Pink
Package: Plastic Box
Quatity 29pcs
Package Included:

12pcs Corner Protector
4pcs Adjustable Safety Lock (blue/green colors is sent randomly)
2pcs Safety Door Stopper
4pcs pink durable hook
4pcs sky blue hook
2Pcs Stove Knob Cover
1pcs Package box
Total 29pcs

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When your baby grows up and naturally begins to explore the surroundings and as a parents, the First Thing you think about is how to keep them safe from cabinets or drawers and the dangerous things inside them. We have the Perfect Solution for you – Magnetic Safety Locks that are the Best Locking System to protect your babies and kids from opening cabinets and drawers at the kitchen, bathroom and more. Magnetic Locks include 4 Locks and 1 Key. It comes in a nice hard plastic container with easy to follow instructions – No need to drill or screw and harm your furniture, No tools required, all you have to do is to attach the magnetic lock with 3M double tape provided. In order to open the cabinet you simply put the magnet key from the outside toward the magnetic lock. The key will pull the lock and the door will be unlocked. The System is hidden from the outside and when your little ones are not present you can simply disable the lock and use the cabinet freely. It also can be great idea as a present for anyone that has a baby crawling around. Magnetic Safety Locks are in use of many homes and proved as efficient solution. So Don’t Hesitate and Buy this Magnetic Safety Locks to Keep your Baby Safe.